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3.3.9 won't install

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  • 3.3.9 won't install

    The files download to my Temp folder and I click Install. BC3 shuts down and a box appears with the title "Warning". "The operation completed successfully". I click OK on that and nothing happens. I start BC3 again and the link in the upper right corner still indicates a new version is available. I've rebooted and tried again to no avail. Thanks.

    BC3 3.3.8 build 16340. Win 7 32bit SP1.

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    Hello Mark,

    Thanks for the report. This is using the Check for Updates and "Download to Desktop only" is disabled, correct?

    If you run the installer from our website, does this update process work?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      That's correct.

      If I download from the download page as if it were a new install, it downloads and then i get a message that Windows cannot access the specified path and I may not have appropriate permissions. Same thing if i download to desktop.

      We do have very tight restrictions here on what we can install, but BC3 upgrades have never been a problem. If you haven't had any other reports of a problem, I can check with people here to see if we have a "whitelisting" issue.


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        Hi Mark,

        We haven't had any other customers report problems running the 3.3.9 installer, so it could be tight security on your end blocking the installer.

        Let us know if you check security whitelisting and are still unable to install.
        Chris K Scooter Software


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          Sorry to have bothered you. It was, in fact, a problem on my PC with an older version of the application control software.

          Would you ever get a signature for Beyond Compare? It helps us get applications added to the white list.


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            What kind of signature? Both BCompare.exe and BCompareSetup.exe already have valid digital signatures that ensure that the download hasn't been tampered with.
            Zoë P Scooter Software