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BC 3.3.5 .15075 Crashes

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  • BC 3.3.5 .15075 Crashes

    Our application is loaded on a terminal server running Windows Server 2008 R2Sp1. We are seeing inconsistent behavior when launching Beyond Compare. Sometimes it opens fine sometimes an error will appear which prompts this crash error report and we have to close it. It says EAccessviolation - Access violation at address 70761730 in module dhcpcsvc6.dll. Write address 70761730. Can someone assist me further with this error?

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    Are you able to Save and then submit this crash report to [email protected]? Our crash dialog also has an Email option on Windows.

    Also, I would suggest updating to the latest BC 3.x update if you can, for a more up to date stack trace (or possible fix).
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hi Aaron,

      I've upgraded to 3.3.8016340 which was supposed to have fix for the startup crashes but we're still having the issue. I have a bug report from the older version and also the newer version - same issue in both. I've attached the bug reports. Thanks.


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        Hi - any updte Aaron. I uploaded and emailed the crash report from both versions for addl. assistance this past Friday. Thanks.


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          Our offices are normally closed over the weekend, and we haven't had time quite yet to review your stack traces. The forum thread attachments appear to be corrupt, but I found your email this morning which also included them (thanks!), and we'll be reviewing them to see what crash you are encountering.

          I suggested the update to see if it contained a potential fix, and because if it still crashed it would have a more up to date stack trace which we could trace through the program and more easily find where it was breaking. At the time of your testing, BC 3.3.9 should have been the most recent version on the website. We actually had another follow up small release to fix the shell extension (3.3.10). While I do not expect for this release to resolve the issue it might have a related fix which helps, and updating to 3.3.10 and emailing in the updated stack trace would be useful.

          I'll pass on your current 3.3.8 stack trace as well, to see if that is sufficient in tracking this down.
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            AFAICT, the issue is an incompatibility between Windows' DEP security feature and some third party code. There's another report of it here that has the same crash information and is also having trouble with Terminal Server 2008.

            BC's crash handler catches crashes in all threads in the process, even if we don't have any control over them in our own code, so I don't know that there's anything we can do about it. You can try disabling DEP though, either globally or per-application. There's details at
            Zoë P Scooter Software


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              Appears to be fixed

              Adding BC.exe to the DEP appears to have fixed the issue. Which is strange because our other TS don't have this issue. Thanks for your help.


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                Unless they are looking for crashes in any thread, they might be hitting the same issue but then ignoring it.
                Aaron P Scooter Software