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    I am trying to print the report for two CSV files using Data Compare. It will print the first few columns, but it will not print all of the columns in my dataset. I have a total of 192 columns, and depending on whether I use portrait or landscape, only the first ten to twenty actually print. I am using the trial version of 3.3.9 (Pro Edition), which I just downloaded yesterday. I am using Windows 7 as my os. Is printing the entire file only available with a license? Or is this a bug? Because the printing functionality is what will actually determine what I purchase.

    Report settings:
    Output: Printer
    Report Options:
    All from dropdown

    When I do a print preview, I get the same thing. The additional columns do not display and I have no ability to print them. Even using the HTML report and printing it out of a browser only lets me print the first few columns. Please advide. Thank you.

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    Thanks for giving the trial a try. It is fully featured, so if you run into anything like this let us know. Registering won't change the behavior.

    The short answer is that we do not currently support reformatting the data to fit on the page.

    The slightly longer version is that many columns likely won't fit on the piece of paper, and we do not currently wrap around cells. If you use the output to a Text file or HTML file, then view that file it preserves the long row. If you then attempt to print (such as the .txt/.html version), wrapping would then be controlled by the viewing application (notepad, Internet Explorer, etc).
    Aaron P Scooter Software