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    Our group purchased a lot of BC v3.2.2 licences while back and installed the product ourselves back in the days when we had local admin. As they refresh our devices over the years, they remove local admin, and if you are lucky you get a 3rd party product that allows some elevated rights. This allows us to add the license key back in. They also take your product and "package" it for Windows 7 or XP, and you are required to have them push this package on to your PC - later you open a DOS window with elevated rights, navigate to BC, load it, then you can apply license.

    At this point, is there something we can do (we cannot directly edit registry) to invoke the install optioins to update explorer to allow right clicks to invoke file or folder compares?

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    The shell extension requires information stored in the registry, as that's how Windows knows where and how to execute BC3 when launching the shell extension (Windows Explorer Right click). When some companies package the program themselves, they don't get this part quite right, or are purposefully disabling it and using a Portable Install.

    You could apply a .reg patch manually to add the shell extension functionality after an install, but I would recommend IT investigate using our installer with options:

    For registering: you just need a BC3Key.txt file in the right location (your install directory, or your %AppData%\Scooter Software\Beyond Compare 3\ assuming your settings are stored there).
    Aaron P Scooter Software