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BC 3.3.10 - Hidden Items / "Scanning folders: Waiting" forever...?

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  • BC 3.3.10 - Hidden Items / "Scanning folders: Waiting" forever...?

    So I'm copying a large folder tree from one drive to another, and I clicked on the "view hidden files" button. It brings up a popup that says "Hidden items contained in selected folder(s): ... Scanning folders: Waiting".

    But it just sits there and doesn't do anything.

    Does "Scanning folders: Waiting" mean it's DONE? Is it hanging at this point? I've left it sitting there for an hour and it hasn't changed.

    When I click the "Done" button, the app hangs (dialog goes to "Not responding" and just sits there).

    - Tim

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    That dialog should populate with a list of all the files that are currently hidden/suppressed by filtering. How many items would you expect that to be? Is it a local location or remote (network or ftp)?

    Does the hang reproduce if you attempt again? Or if you attempt on a small subset of your data?
    Aaron P Scooter Software