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  • Not enough storage is available to process this command

    I'm using BC3 build to restore and compare files backed up from my old Win XP system to a newly imaged Win 7 laptop, including some rather large Outlook .pst files.

    In the folder compare, it shows each pair of backed-up vs restored files as binary unequal. All of the backed up files have the same last-modified-date, and all of the restored files have the same last-modified-date, different from the date on the backed-up files. In each pair, both files have the same file size.

    If I double-click to pull up a file comparison window, I get the above error message for most of the files. If I try a quick compare, I can do a version compare and it just has nodes for Code (highlighted in green) and Data (the number of bytes is identical, but highlighted in red). Any other type of compare cannot be done, either because of file size or because the format doesn't support it (e.g. no delimiter found for a data compare).

    Is there any way to get around the file size issue to try to see if there is anything other than the last-modified-date that is actually different between these files? I have a 32-bit Windows system, 4GB RAM, and these are files ranging in size from 1.06GB to 2.56 GB. Yeah, once I finish the migration I'm going to split them up into smaller files.



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    The different session types are generally for specific files (such as the Data Compare is for delimited or table files, like CSV or Excel). The .pst files are a binary format, which could be opened in the Hex Compare if they were smaller. However, our Hex Compare currently only supports files of roughly 700 megs:

    The Last Modified date is metadata and would not impact the binary comparison. If the files are returning that the 'Data' is red, you can confirm this with a Binary content comparison (the Quick Compare dialog can be configured to perform this scan in the Options dialog, Startup section). If they files are Binary different, there is some level of difference between them. This might be another, different embedded timestamp (other than Last Modified). In fact, this is likely the case, but we do not currently support a method to open the files to take a look for files that large.

    Would it be possible to use Outlook or another program to export the information as plain text, then compare smaller parts/subsections of the plain text output?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      OK, that's kind of what I thought.

      I'm keeping both of the sets of .pst files, and I guess once I finally get my new system up and running I'll have a look at them both within Outlook itself and decide which one of each pair to dispose of.

      Thanks for replying,