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Flooding FTP server problem

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  • Flooding FTP server problem

    Everytime when I use BC3 to do a FTP compare, my connection eventually stops and I can't reconnect. I have to wait for a long time before I can connect again. I believe BC is flooding the FTP server with lots of connection/listing requests.

    Is there a way to slow down this connection/listing request?

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    In the Transfer tab, you can configure the specific profile to have a slower Download or Upload speed, and in the Connections tab you can double-check and make sure it is configured to only use 1 Simultaneous connection. Do either of these configurations help? If you are still having trouble, could you email us at [email protected] with
    1) A copy of your FTP connection log with Debug messaging enabled (Tweaks, Ctrl+Shift+T, Folder Views tab, Include debug messages enabled)
    2) A link back to this forum thread.
    Aaron P Scooter Software