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  • SD card image compare

    I need to solve a problem of updating sd card images over the web.

    We are adding changes to a programm developed for Raspberry Pi. The normal way is to copy the compiled programm and other small new files onto the SD-Card and place the complete image on dropbox or so.
    The customer simply burns the image onto a new SD card.

    This takes a horrible amount of time and space.
    My idea is to make a compare between the new and old images and copy the changes to an image on the web per BC ftp access.

    Can I do this?
    Is there a better way to solve this?
    (The customer will not open the card file system on a linux-Host.)


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    BC4's Beta and later versions of BC3 support opening a variety of Image formats as if they were folders (BC4 actually expands this behavior somewhat, and might be worth testing).

    If you can compare the "folder" of one image to another, this would show the contents and compare them (timestamp, size by default; expandable to a Binary scan). You could then copy to a third location using the Copy To Folder command, or assuming the "old" version and the "ftp" version are identical, simply load the "ftp" as one side and the "new" as the other, then copy from new over to the FTP.

    Would you be running on Windows or Linux? You will also want to test/verify the Image file is properly recreated using this method, as BC4 is in beta and we're still working out some of the kinks.
    Aaron P Scooter Software