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  • Auto File rename

    I work on a large network and often encounter files that have an invalid characters in their name, but I still need to copy them someplace.

    BC3 fails the copy because of this. So I need an option to automatically rename the files in the copy process, so it can complete the copy.

    There might already be a way, but I havent found one yet.

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    We do not support a rename during the copy process in BC3.

    The only workaround would be to use our Rename command to rename the original files before the copy, which can use a DOS Mask or RegEx to rename many files at once, then copy them.

    Since the file name is what we use to align file pairs, if the names differed on the left and right after the copy those pairs would then not line up.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Originally posted by Aaron View Post
      We do not support a rename during the copy process in BC3.
      Has there been any thought to adding this feature to BC4?

      We have a need to compare an NTFS directory to an FTP Folder. The FTP folder has files with semicolons (not compatible with NTFS). We do not set the FTP filenames, and we do not have write access to the FTP folder (therefore cannot rename the files).

      We use BC4 to copy and compare most files. Then we download the rest of the files with FileZilla (which converts : to _). Back to BC4 for manual compare file by file.

      Thank you.


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        Automatic rename of files with characters that aren't valid on Windows is logged as a feature request, but it isn't scheduled to be implemented. Our feature request list is too large to implement all requests, but we do keep track of popularity for each request to help prioritize future development.
        Chris K Scooter Software