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Ordered XML Comparison?

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  • Ordered XML Comparison?

    Can BC3 reorder XML for comparison?

    I.e. if you have two XML streams, which largely contain the same data, but where nodes can be in different order, is it possible to reorder the nodes alphabetically?

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    Our default included File Format for XML does not reorder, but we have 4 more in the Additional Downloads section. Each of which reorders using a slightly different method. The XML Sorted and Tidied format also uses an .xslt file, which can further be customized for your files if needed.
    Check in the Alternatives format section for the XML formats:

    Once installed, in the Tools menu -> File Formats dialog, the topmost entry for *.xml is the one used automatically. You can reorder the list (push the newly installed XML formats down) to make the original the default. Once you launch a Text Compare, you can use the Format Toolbar button's dropdown to select a format manually for both sides at once.
    Aaron P Scooter Software