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text-compare opening behind folder compare

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  • text-compare opening behind folder compare

    seems to be a glitch in 3.3.11

    double-clicking on a file in folder-compare opens up the text-compare .. and then immediately brings folder-compare in front of the text-compare window.

    pressing enter doesn't have the issue.

    could be my laptop, but I'm not aware of any touchpad type driver changes.

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    I don't see this issue on my own test system. Could we get a bit more info on your scenario, and perhaps your from the Help menu -> Support; Export? Please email this to [email protected] along with a link back to this forum thread in the email (for our reference).

    A screenshot of the folders you are loading (and is the background scan still running?) when you double click might also be helpful.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I just upgraded to 3.3.11 and noticed the same thing happening to me. It's happening on both my old XP machine and also on my Win 7x64 machine.


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        Thanks for reporting the issue. I just repeated this with BC 3.3.11 on my own system (Windows 7 x64), I'll add it to our bug list to be fixed.
        Chris K Scooter Software


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          This bug was introduced with BC 3.3.11, it is not in BC 3.3.10 and earlier.

          If you want to roll back to version 3.3.10 until we release a fix, email [email protected] and we'll provide you with a link to the older version.
          Chris K Scooter Software


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            woo hoo!

            Thanks all!


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              I'm just confirming that 3.3.12 fixes this issue for me on XP and Win7x64. Thanks for fixing that so fast! It was really annoying.


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                You guys are awesome and Beyond Compare is awesome.