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Identical drives backed up, different space available on each

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  • Identical drives backed up, different space available on each


    sorry if this is an obvious question, I took a look through the search facility but couldn't find anything relevant.

    I'm running identical 2TB western digital external drives - I've just synched them through BCv 3.3.7 (Windows 7) but noticed through Windows Explorer that there is different amount of data free on each (32GB difference!). I figured this could be an issues of the Recycle Bin so have emptied that, but has made no difference. Are there hidden/cache/system files or similar that aren't being seen through BC? I unchecked "exclude protected operating system files", but couldn't see any differences.

    thanks, Toby

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    If you enable Suppress Filters, do any additional files appear? If you have any other filters (Name or Other Filter tabs) these could suppress items for the compare.

    Also, do any top level folders not display a file size? This would indicate that a lower item (lower folder likely) did not build due to a lack of permissions. You can force all folders to calculate sizes by issuing a Expand All then Collapse All.

    I would also recommend updating to BC 3.3.12 (latest release) if possible. All 3.x updates are free for 3.x users, and contain a variety of bug fixes and enhancements, which you can review in the Changelog:
    Aaron P Scooter Software