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  • Migrate from windows to linux


    I'm a non-native english speaker, so excuse me if my english isn't perfect

    My problem is :

    We currently have a batch script using a portable version of BC3 and we have to migrate this tool on a linux platform.

    We actually use those different BC3 features :
    - compare 2 zips files
    - compare 2 files by applying specific rules (to ignore fields...)

    I wanted to know : Is there any feature that BC3 command lines can do on Windows but that can't be done by BC3 command lines under a linux environnement ?

    By that, I mean :
    Can I : take all the lines that exist in my batch script (all BC3 calls) -> put them in a bash script, and just change the path of the BC3 executable -> will it work ?

    And finally, does a portable version of BC3 under Linux exist ?

    Thanks for the time you will spend on my problem !

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    As long as the feature set is the same, the command line parameters would work. You would need to switch to use - instead of /, and would want to verify using the trial that everything works as expected. For example: Linux does not support comparing Attributes (read-only, system, hidden, etc). If you had any saved sessions that relied on this style of compare, they would need to be updated. With any tests, I recommend working on test folders or already backed up folders, and the trial is fully featured for testing purposes.

    BC3 does not support a Portable Install under Linux. You could update/move the .config/beyondcompare folder to change the settings.
    Aaron P Scooter Software