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copying files between tgz files on windows

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  • copying files between tgz files on windows

    I am doing some file maintenance and noticed what I think is an issue in the copy behavior. I have two files that are both gziped tar files. if I start a copy operation that will copy one tree to other side. It appears to properly copy the existing files and updates their timestamp and preserving their linux file attributes and owner and group. if the file does not exist in the destination the attributes are not set and the owner and group are lost. i can correct it with the touch action but think the copy should handle it.

    Btw, forgot to mention I am running the windows version of pro at 3.3.12 level
    one other point to mention after doing a copy, it appears that many items have copied with attributes intact, but actually they are being munged. a full refresh shows this I have been able to correct afterwards with the set attributes action, but it would be better if they were properly preserved.
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    Thanks for the report. We looked through the code and this is correct: we don't currently preserve this information within Linux archives. We're looking into some changes which might help preserve the permissions, although user and group will be trickier. We'll implement them in the next BC4 beta build; if you could help us test them once it is available, that would be appreciated.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks Aaron.

      Ill give it a try when I see the next beta build pop out. thanks for the quick and positive response to the report.


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        I have tried:

        looks good here. was able to perform the operations and get expected result.

        On comment on the compare controls. for file attributes it would be nice if there were the ability to specify owner/group/linux attributes (vs Windows file attributes)

        thanks for addressing the copy issue in 4.0


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          Thanks, and I see your +1 to our other thread subject on Unix attributes. It's on our wishlist and I'll add your feedback to our entry on the subject.
          Aaron P Scooter Software