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Managing FTP sites and file permissions

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  • Managing FTP sites and file permissions

    Just wanted to say how much I appreciate being able to use BC3 to manage my FTP sites. I use EditPad Pro to edit all sorts of files, then sync them to the FTP site, and to other Windows drives. I use 2 sessions, one to compare and one to sync, because there are different features available in each session type. One of those features prompted me to write today. I had many files in one location that were RO, and I wanted to make sure that the files in another location had the same file permissions. I didn't find Help as helpful as I had hoped, button the Home | Comparison tab, I selected file attributes. Then in the Compare session, I selected all the ? files and RMC'd them. Using the RMC | explorer, I marked all the non-RO files as RO, and that was the end of what had promised to be a very tedious task.

    I also like the way that BC3 remembers between Refreshes the file selections that I have "Left alone". That way I don't have to keep selecting those files that are not synced (and I don't want synced).

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    Thanks for the post.

    In the Folder Compare session, you could also use the right-click, Attributes dialog to set Read-Only (or System, Hidden, Archive). The Folder Sync has a subset of commands specific for syncing, but does not have the full suite of editing commands; for these you can always use the Session menu -> Compare/Sync base folders to 'hop' between session types.
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