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Cirrus is clobbering my BC 2 settings

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  • Cirrus is clobbering my BC 2 settings

    Cirrus is clobbering my BC 2 settings. This started with one of the recent builds of Cirrus, but I don't know exactly which one. Is it because I set the following in the Registry?:

    "SettingsPath"="N:\\App Data\\Beyond Compare"

    Can we have separate values for Cirrus and BC2?

    (I think that I read somewhere that Cirrus will use the settings in its installation folder if the xml files are already there. Unfortunately I don't think that this will work during beta tests because I like to delete all settings files with each new beta so that my environment is clean.)

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    Why would Cirrus do anything to your BC2 settings? The two products don't share a single settings file in common. What specifically is happening to your BC2 settings? Why wouldn't storing the files in your installation directory work? If you want to clean them out just delete all the *.xml files; we don't install any by default, and the only settings that aren't stored in them are the TrustedSSLCerts.p7b file and your SSL/SFTP client certificates.
    Zoë P Scooter Software


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      Craig, when the file "Sessions.xml" (made by Cirrus) is in the same folder as my BC2 files (e.g. BC2.ini, Session.bcse, etc.), then when I run BC2 and click on the session dropdown box, I don't see any of my saved BC2 sessions (I don't see any sessions at all). If I move "Sessions.xml" out of the folder and re-run BC2, then everything is fine.

      I wouldn't have a problem with deleting just the XML files to do a clean installation of Cirrus if this problem is fixed. Then I also wouldn't need anything to change with the Registry tweak.

      If you can't easily reproduce it, I can send any requested config files.


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        p.s. I'm using BC 2.4.3 (build 243).


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          Good catch.

          Alright, currently you will run into issues with Sessions.xml if both BC2 and Cirrus are looking for their settings in the same directory. We will look into a solution for this, but for now you will want to change Cirrus into Single Directory mode by adding the .xmls into its install directory, and removing them from your defined Settings directory.

          1. Export your settings
          2. create a state.xml file (can be blank) in the cirrus install directory
          3. run cirrus once (it will complain, then create a proper state.xml when you select 'Yes') and close it.
          4. launch it again and import your settings.

          This should seperate where bc2 and cirrus look for settings. Then remove the Sessions.xml from the defined Settings directory. Does this work for you?
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            Thanks, Aaron. I can keep the BC2/BC3 settings files separated for now.