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    Is it possible to vertically compare data rows

    for example

    row 1: 1,2,3,4,5,6
    row 2: 1.2.4,3,5,6

    In a vertical comparison we would highlight the 3rd and 4th value as being different to the previous rows, I'd like this to be done for all rows in a set (potentially thousands of rows)

    Is this possible with the current features?


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    In these files, is the character position the important factor in determining what a column is, or a delimiter character (. or ,)?

    If the character position is the determining factor:
    For the Text Compare, you can define a new Text format in the Tools menu -> File Formats, new Text Format, and make the mask match your files. Then in the Misc tab, enable Column-based data.

    If you are using a delimiter character:
    Using the Data Compare session type, you can define a delimiter which will separate your data into columns. This would be a new Data format. You would also need to define a Key column to determine which rows should align with which rows (usually an IDNumber column, or the combination of two columns like FirstName and LastName).
    Aaron P Scooter Software