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  • Fast Refresh NOT fast

    Hello, I'm using BC 3 version 3.3.13 build 18981.
    I've seen that a Fast Refresh between a local drive and an SFTP connection is NOT fast (in my case it takes almost one minute, as a normal refresh). But if I immediately stop the refresh (clicking the X) and call a new fast refresh, the second one IS very fast (a few seconds).
    BC keeps the same behaviour id I retry: the new fast refresh starts and goes on slowly, but if I stop it and than redo it , it is again very fast.
    I've seen the same behaviour on two different PCs and different SFTP destinations.
    My host S.O. is Win7 64bit.
    Is there a reason why only the second FastRefresh is really fast ?

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    Do you see a connection in the log pane at the bottom of the Folder Compare window? If the connection to the server sat idle long enough to disconnect, the first time you fast refresh it might need to reconnect to the server. If you quickly fast refresh before an idle disconnect, that might explain it running faster.
    Chris K Scooter Software