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    searched for a while... but couldnt find any info.
    Comparing a folder structure with 15,000 pictures.

    Some have the same file names due to changing cameras/phones.

    I am trying to do a batch compare - but when I setup the compare - BC says they are different.
    Open them in picture compare - it says they are the same....
    need to click every picture to get them to accurately decide which are different...

    Any ideas - how do I force a "picture" compare vs a CRC or binary compare - which says they are different.


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    In the Session menu -> Session Settings dialog, Comparison tab, the default compare scan is Timestamp, Size, and Override. Leave these options enabled, and also enable either the Rules-based scan (double clicking and viewing results in a Picture Compare results) or the Binary or CRC. You can then save the Session to reload these locations with these session settings, or update session defaults to use these settings for all future folder compares.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thats great, helped me out. Its AWSOME.
      1. Its really unintuitive, would be so much more obvious if you just added a "photo/image" compare option to select.
      2. How do you set what the tolerance is for this bulk compare? I don't see it in the settings anywhere.


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        The Rules based scan uses the default session settings. You would need to launch a Picture Compare and update the tolerance, then close the session to update it. Future rules-based scans would then use this value.
        Aaron P Scooter Software