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5-way folder compare/merge

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  • 5-way folder compare/merge

    I know this is a bit far-fetched: does anyone know a 5-way folder-compare/merge? I like the 2-folder and 3-way folder compare that most other tools offer, but why not 5-way?

    I have to work with an archive system which is split/spliced across 5 folders. I usually have to move/shift files about but I can only compare 2 folders at a time.

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    Comparing more than 2 folders is something on our wishlist, but is a long-term project and not something we would likely be able to tackle soon.

    The 3 way merge session type would help you bring in from 2 sources + 1 common ancestor into a target (4th) location. If this helps, give this session a try. Otherwise, you'll want to use the more general 2 way Folder Compare, as you have, and split your comparison into subtasks.
    Aaron P Scooter Software