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disable editing? I m trying to do backups and need insight

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  • disable editing? I m trying to do backups and need insight

    I want to use BC3 to do massive backups of my photography 4tb+
    I have been using BC for awhile now.
    I cannot find any information on folder compare/session settings/ disable editing (checkbox)
    I am assuming it means that the selected parent folder may not be altered by BC in any way, is this correct?
    There is no mention of this in the help files.
    I want to know for dead certain that the source folder is LOCKED and the destination may be altered.
    Seems you can lock a session but unclear on how to lock a folder.

    Whats the best case scenario for doing backups? could I have the deleted files on the backup move to a kill folder for review instead of deleting them with some kind of rule?


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    Thanks for posting. Yes, Disable Editing will prevent edits to that side in Beyond Compare. This is not a full 'lock', and other programs could still edit the files, but we disable our internal methods like Copy to that side or Delete, or if a text file is double clicked you won't be able to type (and it'll display Editing disabled in the bottom status bar).

    Locking a session prevents edits to that specific 'bookmark', so if you change folders or comparison criteria after loading the session, it'll prompt that it is locked rather than overwriting any previously saved settings.
    Aaron P Scooter Software