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Cannot open .htaccess file for comparison

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  • Cannot open .htaccess file for comparison

    I am doing a compare of the files between two web sites. I can see the .htaccess file because I have FTP set up to show hidden files, however, when I double-click on the file to compare the contents, I get a message indicating "The system cannot find the file specified". The same happens when I try to copy the file from one server to the other.

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    To make Beyond Compare 3 display hidden files, open "Tools > Profiles". Select the profile that matches your server. In the Listings tab, uncheck "Use default", then check "Show hidden [-a]" and save the changes.

    Make sure "Show hidden [-a]" is set for both servers. If it's only set for one of the two servers, that might cause a problem.

    If you have show hidden set for both servers but are still having trouble, what version of Beyond Compare are you using? Open "Help > About Beyond Compare" to display your version.

    Also, what FTP server software is running on the two servers?
    Chris K Scooter Software