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How to prevent prompt "Save changes to session"?

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  • How to prevent prompt "Save changes to session"?

    Assume I defined a session (folder compare with predefined folders) and double clicked on it on the list.
    The session compare is performed.

    Ok, afterwards I changed the folder pathes in comparison window (not in session !) and performed a new scan.

    Then I clicked on the "Home" Icon on toolbar.

    BC detects now that the pathes do not match with the original session pathes and prompts the user:

    "Save changes to session"

    How can I prevent such prompts?

    BC should save chanes to session only when I perform an explicte "save".
    Otherwise it should automatically ignore changes.


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    If you lock a saved session, it won't display the "Save changes to session?" prompt if you close a session with unsaved changes.

    To lock a session, select a session in the Home view. Click the "Lock" button.

    If you need to edit the saved session later, you'll need to click the "Unlock" button in the Home view to make changes.
    Chris K Scooter Software