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How do I remove quotes around field data?

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  • How do I remove quotes around field data?

    I have imported a file of 7.5 million into a Filemaker 14 database. Each field in the file is surround on both side with quotes. I need to remove the quotes before the import and I have loaded the file in to trial version of Beyond Compare.

    It is probably an easy task but it would be helpful if someone could tell me exactly what I need to do remove the quotes in each field in this file.

    Do I need to purchase the program or will the trial version work? I did not know if the trial version is full functional. I will purchase the program if this works but want to be sure that it solves my problem before I purchase.

    Anyone who can help me would be GREATLY appreciated.


    Joe Langley
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    The trial version is fully featured, so you won't need to purchase to test this.

    For each field in your Filemaker database file: is this database file plain text and what is the delimiter for the fields? Is it a space character or ,?
    The Table Compare would usually detect the quotes and trim them out of the file before displaying it, although the quotes are still present in the actual file as that is how the file was generated. You could use the Text Compare and Replace All to remove " with blank, but are the quotes needed for this file type? It may then fail to open in Filemaker if it is altered.

    If you are still having trouble, could you email us a set of sample files? You can email us at [email protected] and please also include a link back to this forum thread.
    Aaron P Scooter Software