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  • x64 for BC3

    Is there a 64 bit version of BC3? I'm not fond of BC4 after using BC3 for many years the basic sync options are no longer on the toolbar and folder sync takes more time.

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    There is not a 64bit version of BC3, but the 32bit version can run on 64bit machines. We added 64bit functionality with BC 4.1.

    However, you can add the Sync command back to the toolbar in the Options dialog, Toolbars/Etc section: use dropdown to select your view of Folder Compare, then search the commands for Sync and add it back to the toolbar.

    We removed some commands from the toolbar by default to help fit everything into the toolbar, but by and large if you could do something in BC3 then BC4 can do it, too. Just let us know if you are missing any other functionality you are used to. Once these edits are made, they'll be saved with your settings and you can use it going forward.
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