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ensuring all folders on various HHDs are identical

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  • ensuring all folders on various HHDs are identical

    I have had Beyond Compare set up on my laptop by a professional and I was over the moon! As I have not used the program for a few months I have now forgotten the steps. I have several HHDs which I need to compare and ensure they are identical. When viewing them I can see that the master HHD1 has newer info not on the other HHD2. When I go to 'synchronise' under the Actions tab I find that the info is copied correctly from the master HHD1 to the HHD2 but not in the folders where it should go. I see a message which I have not seen in the past about 'not aligned to source file'. Can someone advise me on the steps to achieve my goal of making sure that the contents of my master HHD1 are exactly the same in HHD2 and my other HHDs. Many thanks.

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    When copying from Source to Destination, we copy relative to the currently set base folders. This should result in the same folder structure relative to the base location. How is it "not where it should go"? Where did it end up instead? And could you post a screenshot of the "not aligned to source file" message? You can post here or email us privately at [email protected] with a link to this forum thread for our reference.
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