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  • How to Set Default Opening View

    Apologies, I have seen what are probably answers to this question, but I am not familiar enough with BC's "vocabulary" to implement them. I really need someoine to give me very plain, step-by-step instructions.

    I usually get into BC by right-clicking on a folder name, choosing "Select Left Folder for Compare" and then right-clicking on another folder and choosing "Compare to ..."

    When BC opens I am seeing almost what I would like: "Show All" and "Always Show Folders" are both chosen. THE PROBLEM is that "*.xls" is pre-populated in the Filters: window. I WANT "*.*" to be the default filter.

    How do I change the default startup??

    Again, I've been fooling around with saving "Sessions" and "Workspaces" and no change I've made has survived after I shut down BC and then re-open it as described above: please hold my hand and walk me through making the change.

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    Sure thing. The factory default is *.*, so this may have been updated at one point in the past. The quick way to change the default filter is:
    1) Boot BC4 using the regular Windows shortcut. The first screen shown is normally the Home screen with a list of saved sessions, and big buttons for launching new sessions. If you do not see this, go to the Session menu -> New Window or click the "Home" button on the toolbar.

    Once on the Home screen, on the far left is the saved "Sessions" list. At the top is a green folder titled "New". Expand "New" and select the "Folder Compare" session. This is the default Folder Compare, which you can now click Edit to modify.

    This opens the edit pane for the session. Select the Name Filters tab, and at the bottom click "Clear" Then Save. Or you can click "Factory Defaults" to reset any other changes that may have been made, and Save.

    How does this work for you?
    Aaron P Scooter Software