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What's The Left Side Pane Called and How Can I View It

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  • What's The Left Side Pane Called and How Can I View It

    I know theres a left pane 'cause I've seen it online, but how do you make it show itself!?


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    Sorry, I'm not quite sure which "Left" element you are looking to make visible.

    Our terminology for Left Pane would be the visible text or file list on the Left side: Z:\S\BC2\Test1\ or in your screenshots.

    Could you perhaps be more specific for which Session type you are currently using (Folder or File)? A full screen screenshot of what you see on your screen would help.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      It looks like the example screenshot shows two instances of BC. The one in front is a text compare of two files while the one in back (the "left" one) is a folder compare. (Note that this screenshot really shows two separate windows -- as can be seen by the separate titlebars and menus).

      What are you expecting to see that you don't see?
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        Sorry, it's a communication/terminology issue. The screenshot looks as expected, but I was not sure what you meant by "Left", since we use that word in several places to mean specific things.

        That screenshot is indeed two windows. The window in the back and left of the screenshot is our Folder Compare session type. It can be launched by starting BC4, which starts at the Home screen, then clicking the large Folder Compare button on the right side. It can also be launched from the Session menu -> New Session -> Folder Compare.

        The titlebar of the Window always states the items - type of session - Beyond Compare. In this case "Test1 <-> Test2 - Folder Compare - Beyond Compare" shows it is a Folder Compare.

        If you are already in a file comparison, you can use the Session menu -> Compare Parent Folders to launch a new tab/windows as a Folder Compare with the parent folders populated into the folder paths.

        If you are still having any trouble, could you post or email a full screen screenshot of what you are seeing on your monitor, and describe what action you would like to take next? You can email us at [email protected] along with a link back to this forum thread.
        Aaron P Scooter Software