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How to adjust line height for folder + file Compare?

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  • How to adjust line height for folder + file Compare?

    Have a look at the attached snapshot.

    As you can see the line height for folder compare font is currently extreme.

    How do I adjust the line height?
    I found no corresponding option.

    Same in File Compare configuration.
    I prefer to have as many lines visible in window (without scrolling) as possible.

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    We default to using your System font in the Tools menu -> Options dialog, Colors/Fonts section, Folder Views tab. Is this set to use your System Font currently, or is it customized to another Font?

    The File View has a set Editor Font, and not the System font. Did you customize the File Views tab?

    Using normal Windows defaults and our defaults, we have screenshots of the expected view here:

    If you have performed BC4 customization and aren't sure how to revert, use the Tools menu -> Restore Factory Defaults to roll back to our default behavior.
    Aaron P Scooter Software