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Date format in log file of BC3

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  • Date format in log file of BC3

    Using BC3 3.3.13, I have a daily backup .bc3 which includes the following line:

    log normal append:"C:\Temp\DailyDocsDataEmailSyncLog.txt"

    In the past, when my PC was running Windows 8.1 Pro x64, this produced line in the log starting

    23-12-2013 19:30:47 >> ...

    Last November I updated to a new PC running Windows 10 Pro x64. The log lines now start with

    20-02-17 7:30:21 PM >> ...

    Is this altered output format due to the change of OS, and if so, what can be done to make the log revert to the earlier date/time format? i.e configuration options - Windows/BC3?

    This may seem a trivial issue, but I want to use Excel VBA code to analyse the log, so the changed date/time format throws up extra complications.

    Otherwise I am perfectly happy with this version of BC3.

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    Beyond Compare follows the Windows regional settings for date format.

    To change the format used in the log, open the Windows 10 Start menu.
    Click the Settings button.
    Open Time & Language.
    In Date & Time, click on Change date and time formats.
    The date in BC's log follows the Short date format.

    The US English default short date format is M/d/yyyy, from your description your system might be set to M/d/yy.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Yes, it was set to d/MM/yy - I have changed it to dd/MM/yyyy. I'll know tomorrow how that went.