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batch job... files contain files/paths to folder

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  • Aaron

    No, BC4 does not support parsing a text file for file paths and then loading those paths. Instead, you would need to use another script to parse the file and pull out the file path data, at which point you can pass each path pair to BC4's command line, such as: /qc "c:\path1" "c:\path2"

    or generate a report, or launch the graphical interface, using different command line options documented in our Help file -> Command Line Reference. Our trial is fully featured and available for testing.

    What kind of Synchronization would you need to perform? BC4's sync commands are on the folder level (c:\work\ vs. c:\destination), which can then be automated in script or synchronized in the graphical interface, copying whole files. I would recommend our Intro videos, which can review some of our capabilities here:
    Scripting can then automate some of these tasks, but it is best to test in the main interface first so you can see Preview information.

    **Please note that BC4 does not support an UNDO command, so test with test folders first while learning the application.

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  • nerait
    started a topic batch job... files contain files/paths to folder

    batch job... files contain files/paths to folder

    so i have a txt file with a list of paths/files. such as


    Can BC:

    1: read the file and paths
    2: compare to a source
    3) synchronize the files listed on the txt file?