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  • I need some help

    Hello, I'm new to Beyond Compare, and I have a question about how to set it up right. I'm following a video on youtube for Torque 3D. The first picture is what myn looks like and the second one is what I need it to look like.

    this is what myn looks like

    and this is the one I need it to look like

    Here is a video on youtube that I need it to look like.
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    The Display Filter (upper left toolbar) is different in those two screenshots. I'm not sure which screenshot is yours or theirs due to how it was posted, but the Show Differences button has a dropdown arrow next to it, and can be set to Show Differences (Red unequal sign) or Show Differences No Orphans (the series of red/grey dots). You can also switch these modes from the main View menu.

    Does this help get you on the right track? It might help to check out our own basic tutorial videos for general use, here:
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