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  • Aaron

    The Same option should only show files that are the Same on both sides. Is everything else a collection of Folders? Your Folder View mode may not be what you expect if you have it set to Always Show Folders or Compare Files and Folder Structure. Use the View menu to Only Compare Files (similar to BC2's default view mode), then Expand All, and re-generate the report. Is this what you are looking for?

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  • khanhtrung
    started a topic Just matching files report option

    Just matching files report option

    The artistic spirit that created Detroit's Heidelberg Project continues to be transported to Australia inside a couple of days when urban environmental painter and sculptor Tyree Guyton heads to Sydney. best skateboard for beginners

    Guyton promises to use his urban art approach of turning cast-off articles, and colored spots and stripes into exhibits by aboriginal youth inside the troubled Redfern portion of South Sydney. Four exhibit areas should be achieved by fall, in Sydney Park, inside a school, community center and skateboard park, Guyton mentioned.

    Guyton has won numerous art awards, his tasks are proven in museums and galleries across the country and the man has came out on national television programs.

    Heidelberg Project hosts its second annual fund-raiser at 6 p.m. This summer time 18 at Fifth Avenue in Comerica Park. Entertainment includes artist Thornetta Davis, then one of Guyton's works will probably be auctioned.

    Admission is $25 in or $20 in advance by contacting

    Hawkins indictment printed on CDB Site

    May possibly not be lusty and crusty. Similar to musing and confusing.

    People with time available and dig to the perjury charges filed lately against Detroit restaurateur La-Van Hawkins.

    A Philadelphia grand jury alleges that Hawkins perjured themselves during testimony concerning two $5,000 checks he authored. The indictment alleges that Philadelphia attorney Ronald White used the money from Hawkins while others to attain influence in city business through former city Treasurer Corey Kemp.

    The entire 155-page indictment can be found on the website. The section associated with Hawkins, which begins on-page 117 in the document (Page 122 in the PDF itself), includes this info:

    * Hawkins testified that in March 2002, he authored a $5,000 check to Kemp just like a wedding gift, nevertheless the check didn't apparent. The indictment alleges the check did apparent that the funds received to Kemp - who, really, became married. Nearly couple of years earlier.

    * In September 2002, Hawkins gave White-colored-colored another $5,000 make certain that wasn't for anyone. Hawkins mentioned White-colored-colored provides the cash having a unknown African-American newspapers that "were helping me inside my situation against Hamburger King.'' In line with the indictment, the check bounced two occasions. how to turn on a skateboard

    * a couple of days before that second check, White-colored-colored gave Hawkins a $5,000 make certain that Hawkins mentioned may have been to pay him for your first $5,000 check ... or it may have been partial payment from the $40,000 loan, which Hawkins thinks he earned in cash.

    Requested where he'd obtain a lot cash, Hawkins responded: "In my opinion you realize I'm a multimillionaire. So $40,000, you understand, I'm sorry, that $40,000 just left my money.'' Particularly, a drawer at work.

    Dauch's name part of new HQ address

    The street address for American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings Corporation.'s Detroit headquarters features a familiar name - individuals of their chairman and Ceo.

    You will find the completely new headquarters off I-75 and Holbrook Avenue at One Dauch Drive, named after Richard Dauch, their co-founder.

    The idea originated in employees, executives and buddies. Dauch was stored at night time in regards to the street status as extended as you can, mentioned Carrie Gray, director of corporate relations.

    His reaction?

    "I don't think he hated it, clearly,'' she mentioned. "We thought it could give some recognition for any couple of of the things that he's for the vehicle industry as well as the city.''

    In 1994, Dauch, along with Blackstone Capital, bought the prior Vehicle Corp. Gear and Axle plant in Detroit and created American Axle. The fermentation, money-losing operation was modernized and switched profits. how to ride a skateboard step by step

    Until a year ago, executive offices were inside the plant. Employees began relocating towards the completely new headquarters, just west in the plant, last This summer time. The ultimate group, which incorporated Dauch, moved in last December. The business is hosting a dedication and tour This summer time 23.
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