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  • '.ods' table compares

    ... can BC compare two ' .ods' (Open Source- Office) tables in English (similar to ' .xls' tables) ? I only get 'hex' comparisons?? tx

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    To compare OpenOffice .ods files, you'll need to add the OpenOffice documents file format.

    Additional File Formats for Beyond Compare 3:

    Additional File Formats for Beyond Compare 4:
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Any change for upgrading this to be able to see *.ods files (Libre office Calc) as tables (as is for Excel)?


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        I'll add comparing LibreOffice Calc *.ods files in the Table Compare to the feature request list for a future version of BC.

        In the current version of Beyond Compare, the best workaround is to open the .ods files in LibreOffice, save as CSV, then open the CSV files in BC's Table Compare.
        Chris K Scooter Software


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          Which platform are you using BC and LibreOffice one? Due to the differences in libraries we use, I could see this getting added to the Linux or macOS versions before it got added on Windows.
          Zoë P Scooter Software


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            Unfortunately I am on windows 10...


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              Any news?
              I would like to be able to compare .ODS files to .XLS / .XLSX files but they are converted in an incomparable way.
              I'm using the Windows version.

              EDIT: Sorry, after posting I have discovered how to have .ODS show.up in the same way as .XLS.
              EDIT2: Sorry, I'm using BC version 4 and this post is in BC version 3 forum ...
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