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Identify Datatype of columns at run time.

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  • Identify Datatype of columns at run time.

    How does Beyond Compare identify the data type of any specific columns.

    Is there any way in which we can at run time set the column data types using script.

    I am using beyond compare version 3.3.13.

    Thanks in Advance

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    It will scan all column contents, and if it matches a definition (date format only, numbers only) then it will use that column type. Anything else would be 'Text'.

    We don't have a method to override this on the command line or script. If you update the global session defaults, this is used for any new comparison; this can also be done by manually parsing the BCSessions.xml and updating the default Data Compare settings before calling to the script is a method to externally update it.
    Aaron P Scooter Software