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Sync folder changes folder attributes - makes it hidden

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  • Sync folder changes folder attributes - makes it hidden

    In folder compare, after a sync I am noticing some of the new folders when they are copied to the target location, the attribute of the folder is changed to "hidden". The hidden flag is added. This happens if I "update" or "mirror" to the target destination. This does not happen to all the folder, but only to some of the folders.

    I checked the original folder to see if it has any characteristic that would change the attribute to hidden, I do not see any.

    Has anyone seen this problem? How to fix this?

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    If you attempt to copy just that folder with the Copy command, does the Hidden attribute set? Does this happen if the folder already exists in the destination or if it is a fresh copy?

    If you repeat the same Copy test (fresh copy or overwrite) with Windows Explorer, is Hidden set the same way?
    Aaron P Scooter Software