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BC4: Context menu icons missing on Win 10 X64

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  • BC4: Context menu icons missing on Win 10 X64

    Since 1-2 weeks I noticed thar the icons in the Windows Explorer context menu are missing.

    All functions are working as expected, the menu enties are prsent but no more icons.

    Any idea?

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    Sometimes a major Windows update or other factors can knock this out of play. First, back up all of your settings with the Tools menu -> Export wizard. Then uninstall BC4, reboot, and reinstall BC4's latest version setup.exe from our Downloads page.

    Which version of BC4 are you currently running? Latest release, and issue persists after reboots? What is your current resolution and DPI settings?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I'll try it, thanks. I'm running BC4 current version.

      My resolution is 3840 x 1600 with 125% in scale.

      In addition to my report:
      When the context menu entries are placed in the main menu the icons are missing. When I place the entries into a submenu of the context menu then the new neu has no icon but the entries in it do.


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        Problem still persists. And I have the suspicion that this is one more new problem caused by Windows 10 update(s) because some more icons are missing.


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          I'd recommend using a program like ShellExView to disable all of your shell extensions, reboot, then re-enable a few at a time, to see if just Beyond Compare alone draws correctly. You can then re-enable a few at a time to see if there's a specific item that's causing the problem.
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            Great hint, thanks. It works!

            I figured out that the ArchiCrypt Ram-Disk Explorer Integration (create RAM-Disk from folder) was the culprit. After disabling that feature everything works fine again.