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Where is the "Mange" button?

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  • Where is the "Mange" button?

    In a previous release of Cirrus there was a "Manage" button when you 1st started Cirrus. Now it always show the "spec', "filter, etc tabs. I like being able to turn that off when I did not need it.

    I know I can delete or rename a session from the Home page. I think it should also be in the sessions menu.

    I would also like to close a tab by double clicking on it instead of having to to click on the close "X" button if that is possible.

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    We've made the manage interface a program option. It's in the Interface->Home View section of the options dialog as "Include session management".

    If you only rarely modify things from that screen you can leave that option unchecked and use the "Edit" command in the tree's right-click menu.
    Zoë P Scooter Software


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      Is there an update to this thread for the current version of BC3? I'm not finding that section of the Options dialog.


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        In Tools > Options on the General page, "Include session management" is the first option.
        Tim T Scooter Software