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Compares across slow networks - future enhancement

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  • Compares across slow networks - future enhancement

    Due to the changing world we live in, our office has found itself in the situation of using ClearCase, Cirrus, etc. within VMWare sessions in the States using Remote Desktop from the UK.
    Quite often, we have to check-out the file in the USA, and transfer it to the UK for development, and then copy back to the USA for check-in.
    All this works fine.
    The downside is when we want to check the differences between what is in the UK and what is in the USA - cirrus to the rescue. Well yes, but no. The big problem is the latency going across the network to Amsterdam and then to the USA.

    What would be good is for Cirrus on 1 PC to connect to Cirrus on the 2nd. PC where each will process the relevant directory / file creating (say) a checksum. The checksums can then be compared and the a real compare done if checksum differences.

    A simpler, not so automated version, would be to have Cirrus able to save a checksum of a given file / directory (eg. for a session).
    Cirrus would then be able to compare checksums with the same session signature. If a directory checksum compare, when you double-click on a file showing as different, it would then know how to access the real files.

    One other useful feature would be the compare of only certain files within a directory. eg. The ability to compare a selection of (say checked-out) files against those files in another directory.
    Presumably I could write a program that could synthesise a session file to achieve this.
    In essence, comparing a directory structure across a slow network, concentrating on only the files I am interested in.

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    xCRC and Snapshots

    There are a couple of ways of tackling this situation:

    You can setup an FTP Server with xCRC, which will have the server generate the CRC codes, and Cirrus will check them.

    BC2 (and BC3 in a future release) support a Snapshots function. This creates a file that saves a folder's state and crc information. You can create the snapshot when the source and destination are synced up. Then, as the source changes, you can then use this file to compare against it, and use Copy To Folder to copy the mismatches to your destination.
    Aaron P Scooter Software