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How to copy and save any good files from a corrupt SD card

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  • How to copy and save any good files from a corrupt SD card

    Hi, I have a corrupt SD card. I am using BC3. I have also had this same problem with a corrupt drive in the past. Some of it is corrupt and some is not. I am trying to save any files that are not corrupt. The way I attempt to do this is by using folder compare and then copying files over from the corrupt source to a good disk in BC3. generally any good files copy immediately but it seem when it runs into a corrupt file it hangs. and very often I have to reboot and start from where I left off but skip the file that made beyond compare hang. somehow it seems to me that there might be a setting such as a timeout I could set that would allow the copy process to continue and essentially skip the corrupt files after say 1 minute of no response instead of hanging. or maybe part of the corrupt files end up on the target, but they don't compare so you know they were bad. that is, typically the directories on the corrupt devices are good and show, say 1000 files, but some are corrupt when you try to copy and others are not. Well now I have thousands of such files and copying until I find a corrupt one and then rebooting etc etc is just impractical as far as time goes. it will take me days and days to do this because I have thousands of files. it seems there must be a better way. maybe even other recovery software but the software I have found so far seems to just want to recover deleted files. i'm not interested in that. I just want to recover what I can and then reformat the corrupted device or trash it. but the constant hanging is killing me. Any suggestions on how to do this in a reasonable-time method? Or even other software designed to do what I am trying to do?

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    The only method would be to attempt an Abort/Cancel command on the transfer, which would wait to receive a successful abort back from the corrupted device. If the device never indicates it received the abort, then the cancel would not execute. If there is a method to also cancel from the source (ie, if you attempt to eject it) would this work?

    If you attempt a full copy using Windows Explorer, what behavior do you see when it hits a corrupt file? Is it able to cancel and resume? If so, can it complete the initial copy, and then use BC4 to compare the directories?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks Aaron but I'm not sure how to do that. First off I notice this is in the BC4 section. Sorry. I have BC3. Not sure if that matters here. How do I attempt an "Abort/Cancel" command. Windows Explorer just hangs. Can't really get anything done that way. Generally i can get BC3 to come up with directories but when i try to copy over an offending file it hangs. So for example if i were to select 10 files and the fifth was corrupt, BC3 hangs on the 5th and i can tell that. And i've gone thu this way other times when there weren't so many problems with my device. that is i can detect where the hang is and restart from there skipping the offending file. but with the numbers of corrupt files and directory sizes i have this time i wont finish until well into my afterlife. i'm also open to getting other software if you or anybody knows any especially good ones at dealing with corrupt disks. I tried one but it seemed to just look for deleted files, (which i dont care about) and it hung also.
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        Click the blinking/red Cancel button at the top in the toolbar. This stops any currently running actions (background comparisons, copies, etc).
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