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Compare a part of a file to another part from the same file.

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  • Compare a part of a file to another part from the same file.

    I often have a source-code which has comparable functions within the same source file. It would be great if I could compare them without copying the functions first to external files. What I mean is to enable a feature that compares selected lines of a file to selected lines from the same file.

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    We have that feature if you:
    1) select line(s) on one side and right-click -> Copy
    2) select line(s) more lines (same or other side), right-click -> Compare to Clipboard

    This will launch a new tab, comparing the two clipboards together.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I guess I do have to manually copy back after I have made changes (at least on the copied, left, side)? Or is there a way how changes, to either of the sides, are directly made to the file (not to the 'clipboard').


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        No, the new tab is a temporary tab and doesn't 'save back' for edits. You could copy/paste the entire text section and overwrite the original manually.

        Another option is, in the main interface, instead of Compare to Clipboard, you could "Align With" if you need to move the entire text section around; this would align the sections in the main view (also pushing everything else up or down to make this happen).
        Aaron P Scooter Software