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Force binary comparison of RAW files

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  • Force binary comparison of RAW files

    I want to compare two RAW image files (CR2 file extension, from Canon). When I choose the two files (right-click on, select as left side, right click the other, select 'compare to...), BC opens the comparison as a picture comparison; I want to see the binary content comparison (I'm looking for changes to the metadata, not the image). I've tried in vain to force a binary compare.

    Tools/file formats … shows 'picture files' as *.bmp, *.jpg, etc - but does not include .cr2. So I would expect the comparison to be binary, not picture. But at the bottom of the list, I see 4 occurrences of 'Everything Else', one of which has a picture icon but absolutely no details.

    Is there a way to 'ad hoc' force a binary comparison of two files when the picture comparison is on screen?

    I do see that I can choose 'Session/Compare Files Using/Text Compare' and 'Hex Compare'; that seems close to what I'm looking for, but how do I make this the default; why are .CR2's being treated as images by default when there's no apparent setting for that?

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    You can force the files to open in the Hex Compare by defining a new Hex format in the File Formats dialog, then assign the extension. This would show the Hex values of the files.

    The Binary compare is a different kind of scan, and can be done from the Folder Compare by selecting two aligned files and Compare Contents (Binary scan). Or select and right click any two files and Quick Compare, which runs a Binary or Rules-based scan (and also offers to open a View). Under the Tools menu -> Options dialog, Startup section, set the Quick Compare to use Binary or Rules-based.

    If the formats fall all the way down to the Everything Else formats, BC4 uses your system and tries to determine which format to use (which includes Picture Compare).
    Aaron P Scooter Software