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  • Can't ditch trial version

    I installed a trial version of 4.2.4 and I still have 22 days remaining. However, my company has purchased a license for 4.1.9 and I'd like to install that, but even after uninstalling the trial version (which I've tried multiple times) and installing my company's version, I end up with the trial version of 4.2.4 with the countdown. How can I get rid of the trial version once and for all?


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    BC4.x keys are good for any version of BC4. The setup.exe determines which version (4.2.4 or 4.1.9) is installed. If you re-run the 4.2.4 installer, you would end up with 4.2.4 again. To register either version, you can use the Help menu -> Enter Key dialog, and paste in the registration key.

    Your settings are preserved during an Uninstall, so if you update to 4.2.4, 4.2.6, or roll back to 4.1.9, you would still see your saved sessions. To verify the installed version number, use the Help menu -> About dialog.

    BC 4.2.6 is the most recent release, which you can also update to (from our website, or the Help menu -> Check for Updates dialog). We generally recommend using the latest release for all of the bug fixes and enhancements it has:
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