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    Ah, I like the new interface very much! the best feature for me in this beta is syntax coloring, the new text compare and full edit also are awesome. There is some serious lag with the menus under vista. It takes a good 2-3 seconds on my system to render, and this is using the optimized build.

    I would have like a less generic color syntax highlighting. Like a color syntax rule per extension. Loving the flat view.

    Another suggestion that would be usefull for me. A "Visible Whitespace" option for te buttom two line horizontal compare only! That would be really usefull in non cluttering the main view, but when you need more details in the buttom of the views, they are available.

    This is only my first impressions. More to come later.

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    Originally posted by Jobol View Post
    I would have like a less generic color syntax highlighting. Like a color syntax rule per extension.
    You can have that if you want.
    • Each extension triggers the usage of one File Format (though you can switch formats if you like).
    • Each File Format defines elements, and it is those elements that are colored.
    • There is no reason for those elements to be picked out of the predefined elements: you can define as many language-specific elements as you like (or change the name of existing ones)
    • All elements, whether predefined or user-defined are available for coloring in the Options
    • So if you want coloring entirely specific for one language type, just make sure the grammar for that language uses only language-specific element names (you could for instance use a language-specific prefix), and then you have a neat set of elements for one language only that you can color as you like independent from any elements defined for other languages

    Two cons: 1) it's grunt work (but only once); 2) the list of elements to be colored in the Options dialog is (still) totally unordered so it can be hard to find the ones you want as the list grows.