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Bypass disk cache on file reads

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  • Bypass disk cache on file reads

    BC2 has a toggle setting:

    Session >> Comparison Control... >> Advanced >> Bypass disk cache on file reads

    Is this setting available in BC3? I can't find it.

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    Not yet implemented. Hopefully we'll get it in soon.
    Tim T Scooter Software


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      Thanks. In the meantime, will restarting BC cause it to not use the disk cache?

      A typical scenario is that I'm copying files from one media to another, e.g. a local drive to a network drive, and I want to ensure that the files on both media are read before they're compared.


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        No, the caching is done completely by the OS, so restarting Cirrus won't help. We'll have this fixed in the next release, but in the the meantime if you absolutely after to do this you'll need to use BC2.
        Zoë P Scooter Software


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          Hi Craig,

          Just out of curiosity - Is it implemented in BC3? I still don't see it.
          The only thing I see is -
          Session Settings > Handling > Bypass disk cache during binary operations.
          Which is not something which helps me .. I want to bypass the cache completely no matter what type of file/folder.


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            Originally posted by NeOnD View Post
            I want to bypass the cache completely no matter what type of file/folder.
            Why? The existing feature is designed to allow you to perform binary verifications after copies, and works exactly like it's intended to. What are you trying to do?
            Zoë P Scooter Software


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              Whenever I compare the files which are on FTP host I have to refresh them manually to see any update. Without refreshing they refer to disk cache.


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                I too am experiencing problems with caching. I'm comparing a local folder with a remote FTP, often I open a file comparison and change a line on the remote copy, save and go back to the main comparison, but when I re-open the file it shows the previous line as not having changed - ie. the same as it was originally. Is this linked with Dave_L's request?

                Cheers, Ben


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                  Anyone from team scooter got an idea?


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                    We will need a simple debugging log showing these 5 actions:
                    load your folder compare
                    double click and open your file
                    save a change in the file
                    doubleclick (re)opening the file
                    refreshing the file with f5

                    If you could mark in the log where each action takes place, or try to keep the log short and simple that would be great.

                    To enable debugging: press Ctrl+Shift+T to enter the Tweaks dialog. Go to Folder Views, and enable "Include debug messages in log." The log in the Folder Compare (lower pane) will now populate with additional info.

                    Please email this log to [email protected]

                    You may want to turn down the number of FTP connections to try and keep the log simple as well (Tools menu -> FTP Profiles, select profile, Connection tab, 1 Simultaneous connection.
                    Aaron P Scooter Software