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Suggestion: session manager (home page) open in new tab

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    Originally posted by Tim View Post
    I think some people may come to think of it as the Home tab rather than a New Tab.
    I've been thinking about your comment... I doubt that a tab stub would be thought of as the Home tab. The stub would never say "Home" on it. When clicked on, it would spawn a new full-sized tab that does say "Home" on it, and the stub would remain at the end of the tabbed control.
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      I would eliminate the "Home" command and terminology. The remaining menu commands would be renamed "New Tab / Sessions" and "New Window / Sessions". The title of the resulting tab/window would be "Sessions", not "Home". The user preference "new tab opens next to active tab" would determine where Michael's new tab stub would be located.

      I could get used to the word "Home" being used instead of "Sessions", but it still doesn't feel right to me (see Marjolein's strong argument.) Yes, I would like "Launch" better than "Home", but that still doesn't capture the fact that the Sessions page is not just used for launching but also for maintaining the collection of sessions.

      BTW, I don't like the idea of having an always-leftmost session manager tab because I lose the ability to place a new tab next to an arbitrary (active) tab. Also it consumes space on the tab bar unnecessarily.


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        Originally posted by jdmarch View Post
        I don't like the idea of having an always-leftmost session manager tab
        I don't either... I wouldn't use it myself, but I am not adverse to giving it as a configurable option.

        Session manager mode:
        ( ) Use tab stubs
        ( ) Initial tab stays open

        Start-up mode
        ( ) Open Launch Pad
        ( ) Open Home tab (or "Open Session tab", if you prefer...)
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