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No description/msg upon "Error" in compare?

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  • No description/msg upon "Error" in compare?

    I have integrated BC3 as compare/diff in TFS environment.
    I had a folder-diff session open along with a difference window open for quite some time.
    I then wanted to use TFS history dialog to compare differences between 2 versions (i.e. it calls Cirrus.exe directly), but the panes were blank and the icon at the bottom stated "Error" with a standard error icon.
    I tried hovering the mouse over it but I couldn't make out any error description, isn't this suppose to be shown to the user somehow?
    (Unfortunately I can't reproduce it anymore after I reopened the folder compare session).

    *Edit: Reproduced by doing this:
    1) Choose History of an item
    2) Compare 2 versions (Cirrus shows up with diffs)
    3) While the cirrus diff is opened, I compare 2 other versions, this results in Error.

    The naming convention of the local files are:
    Working: Left: "File;C33333.00.Ext" Right: "File;C37380.00.Ext"
    Error: Left: "File;C47092.00.Ext" Right: "File;C54384.00.Ext"
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    If you use the /solo command, does that help?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      With these settings, I was unable to reproduce GreenMoose's problem in my TFS environment.
      BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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        Originally posted by Aaron View Post
        If you use the /solo command, does that help?
        Yepp adding the /solo switch solved it, thanks.