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  • Save/Restore named Desktop/workspace

    Sometimes I'm working on job A which uses 4 particular sessions. Sometimes job B which uses 3 completely different sessions. Sometimes job C which uses a few from A and one from B and another different session. Etc. Rather than needing to have them all open at once (which takes longer to save/restore, and clutters the workspace either with extra unused tabs or extra unused windows), I'd like to be able to quickly open only the ones relevant to a particular job.

    So I suggest the ability to save/restore named Desktops or Workspaces or Worksets or "Open Session Sets" or whatever they will eventually be called.

    A Q&D method would be just to use a save/Open dialog to save/restore a workset to/from a named workset file. That would be pretty painless if this always defaulted to the last used name.

    A friendlier (but more time-consuming to implement) solution might be for the session manager to include a Workset manager: one could drag/load any session into any named workset. (And of course the same session could be included in multiple worksets.)

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    Thanks. We considered named workviews (to coin yet another term ) when we first worked on the concept. There also was the idea of having something like an Open All command for the session folders.

    We left it simple for now but this is something we may expand on.
    Tim T Scooter Software


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      Problem with just opening a session folder is that it introduces the need to have a given session live logically in more than one folder, i.e. perhaps have some kind of link or shortcut.

      Hope you'll revisit the concept soon, at least the Q&D save/restore named workspace.