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sync command - duplicate copy performed

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  • sync command - duplicate copy performed

    [Build 444, WinXP]

    I've noticed this behavior for a while. I run a daily script to synchronize a directory on a desktop computer with a directory on a network drive. Normally, only one file needs to be copied. The log output indicates the file is copied twice.

    I've munged some of the path identifiers below:


    # Turn logging on.
    log verbose append:"\\dddd\wwww$\log\sync.log"
    # Set comparison criteria.
    criteria timestamp:2sec;IgnoreDST
    filter *.*
    # Options.
    option confirm:yes-to-all
    # Load the base folders
    load "\\dddd\wwww$\backup" "C:\Documents and Settings\nnnn\My Documents\CCCC\backup"
    # Synchronize left to right.
    sync create-empty mirror:lt->rt

    18 Jan 08 12:00:00  >> # Turn logging on.
    18 Jan 08 12:00:00  >> log verbose append:"\\dddd\wwww$\log\sync.log"
    18 Jan 08 12:00:01  >> # Set comparison criteria.
    18 Jan 08 12:00:02  >> criteria timestamp:2sec;IgnoreDST
    18 Jan 08 12:00:02  >> filter *.*
    18 Jan 08 12:00:02  >> # Options.
    18 Jan 08 12:00:02  >> option confirm:yes-to-all
    18 Jan 08 12:00:02  >> # Load the base folders
    18 Jan 08 12:00:02  >> load "\\dddd\wwww$\backup" "C:\Documents and Settings\nnnn\My Documents\CCCC\backup"
    18 Jan 08 12:00:02  Load comparison: \\dddd\wwww$\backup <-> C:\Documents and Settings\nnnn\My Documents\CCCC\backup
    18 Jan 08 12:00:02  >> # Synchronize left to right.
    18 Jan 08 12:00:02  >> sync create-empty mirror:lt->rt
    18 Jan 08 12:00:20  Copied \\dddd\wwww$\backup\20080118_000001\cccc.sql.gz to C:\Documents and Settings\nnnn\My Documents\CCCC\backup\20080118_000001
    18 Jan 08 12:00:47  Copied \\dddd\wwww$\backup\20080118_000001\cccc.sql.gz to C:\Documents and Settings\nnnn\My Documents\CCCC\backup\20080118_000001
    18 Jan 08 12:00:47  Successfully synchronized 2 items.  Completed in 44.31 seconds.
    18 Jan 08 12:00:47  Script completed in 46.59 seconds

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    I can't repeat that here, though the sync certainly shouldn't do that. Could you put a FOLDER-REPORT command in the script just before the sync to see if the file is actually listed twice for some reason?
    Zoë P Scooter Software


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      Sorry for the delay in replying.

      I added folder-report immediately before sync. The report shows only one occurrence of the file(s) that differ.

      The network connection is rather slow; it can sometimes take several minutes to transfer a few MB. Could that explain the problem?

      Can you think of any other tests I can do to help troubleshoot this?


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        If you use an application like filemon to monitor your file activity (
        does it show the file being written twice?

        Also, if you could send us an email with your BC (Tools menu -> Support; Export), that will help us troubleshoot more.

        Also, there will be a release shortly (445), that has work done in this area. Once released, you can test that as well.

        Edit: One more question, is the file being copied over an Orphan (and in an Orphan Folder?)?
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        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          I've emailed "BC" to support AT scootersoftware DOT com.

          I'll try to capture the filemon output too.

          Normally, neither the files nor folders being copied previously exist at the destination, if that's what you mean by orphans.

          edit: Can you suggest settings to use in filemon? It produces a lot of output, and I'd like to filter out unnecessary events so I can better interpret the output.
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            The filemon output indicates that the file actually gets copied twice.


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              The problem continues to occur with the new build, 445.

              I consider this issue to be only a minor inconvenience.

              I'm still wondering if the degraded speed of the connection is a factor. Sometimes I'm not even able to copy files that are a few MB in size without getting a network timeout; I've had that occur both in BC and also when only using Windows Explorer.


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                This problem stopped occurring after I upgraded from build 445 to 446.


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                  Thanks for the update. I'm glad to hear the new version cleared up the problem for you.
                  Chris K Scooter Software