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  • Session menu - Open Session option

    The "Open Session" option seems a little odd on the Session dropdown menu since New Window and New Tab already provide the functionality. If you want to keep the "Open Session" option, I would recommend moving it to the "New" list. A new "Open Session" instance makes perfect sense to me and would be less confusing in the "New" list than it is in the root of the Session menu.
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    Thanks for your suggestion, but I don't think we'll do that. The main idea is to mimic traditional "New" and "Open" entries on the first menu.

    We were tempted to hide the New Tab and New Window items from the menu by default, because of the redundancy you mention.

    This is still a work in progress, but I wanted to make the current changes before the next group of beta testers join us -- to see how their first impressions differ from earlier groups.
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